NOUN TMA Portal Login For Freshers and Returning Students 2022

NOUN Portal TMA Login Procedure for New and Returning Students 2019

National Open University Of Nigeria (NOUN) Portal TMA Login Page Guidelines for freshers and Returning Students 2022.

Do you consider the TMA reference on the NOUN portal hard to locate? We would guide you on how to locate TMA button on NOUN website =>

National Open University of Nigeria TMA Portal Guidelines

Tutor Marked Assignment (TMA) is a NOUN marking system, adding 30% of the overall mark of the participant. Point to note, in other learning institutions, this is the same as screening.

The student is expected to respond or apply Three (3) NOUN TMA. Subsequently, her Best three solved TMAs will be selected and marked by 30%.

The task is to be completed at your own speed and to satisfy you to the degree that you do not meet the time (deadline) for submission as it has a deadline.

Then the final exam requires a score mark of 70 percent, making TMAs mandatory if a student has to get a better result.

Would you like to view your Tutor-marked TMA Portal assignments? To continue applying TMA? Follow below the procedures.

NOUN Portal TMA Login Procedures

  1. Go to the website of Nigeria’s National Open University NOUN >
  2. Click the “Student Login” button and enter your matric number, password and click the “Submit” button on the Nouonline Portal Login page.
  3. Options from the NOUN studware menu. Click on “YOUR COURSE” (link to Manage Wallet and Library Services)
  4. From the drop menu
    Your courses
    View your Result
  5. Select YOUR COURSES
  6. Scroll down and click on 2022/1 exam
  7. TMA is on the right side of the page.

Tutor Marked Assignment(TMA) is based on the registration of your exam. In order to be eligible for review, you should try at least three(3) of your TMAs for each registered course.

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