GST302 Online business plan facilitation, how to login and submit

GST 302 – BUSINESS CREATION AND GROWTH is a course on entrepreneurship for all 300-level Nigerian National Open University (NOUN) students. It is a key course and a course for two (2) credit units.

Your physical presentation at your center for incubation or research.

GST 302 does not have a TMA, Students that have registered for the course are required to write a business plan and submit it online at the GST PORTAL ( The writing and submission of your business plan serves as a TMA for the course.

You will be needed to book a day for defending or presenting your business plan after composing and submitting your business plan online.

The defense or presentation of the business plan is performed in two respects:

1. Presentation online

2. Your physical presentation @your center for incubation or research.

A student is supposed to select one of the two presentation techniques.

Note: you will not do the physical presentation if you do the internet presentation and vice versa.

How to login to GST302 Portal–Myleraningspace

You can follow this connection measures to work with GST TMA Portal–NOUN Learning Space or follow measures below:

1. Go through the procedure https:/

2. Use your matrix number for both the username and the password (in just the lower case)
For example:-USER NAME (using your matrix number e.g. PASSWORD 190000019) Lower case or simple letters PASSWORD (using your matrix number e.g.

3. Change your password.

4. Click below my course to go to online courses.

5. Type your username and your new password again

6. On the dashboard

How to Submit GST302 Business Plan

  1. your classes will be shown Click on GST 302 on your dashboard
  2. Download and read all of your course materials from module 1 to 5
  3. After the course page has launched. Watch module 1 to 5
  4. Educational videos. Prepare your submission business plan
  5. Send your business plan based on your Zone
  6. to submit your business idea. Book your date and time of presentation depending on zone
  7. You can present yourself online or at your incubation center Link as a presentation manual: https:/

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